arbopearl can do things that no other plastic can handle. We can solve all problems immediately through a quick and flexible approach. In addition to protection against oxygen and other harmful effects, this plastic is excellently suitable as a water vapor barrier. arbopearl combines innumerable advantageous properties and is enormously versatile. We offer our customers security by always tailoring our products to the needs of our customers and delivering them in the same Swiss quality. The purity, glassy clarity and design flexibility are ideal for healthcare applications. In the world of electronics, arbopearl excels in its heat resistance, moisture resistance, light weight and electrical performance in antennas and other advanced electronic designs. The PE compatibility, shrinkage barrier, thermoform barrier, heat barrier, moisture barrier and nitrogen barrier (N2) as well as the easy opening properties are highly appreciated by packaging customers. We maintain a good and uncomplicated contact with our customers thanks to our flexibility and adaptability, because our customer is king. 


An advantage for thermoforming is the broad softening and melt range. arbopearl can be used within a wide processing window, allowing good formability in contrast to semicrystalline materials.

Packaging made with arbopearl is clear transparent and stiff and distinguishes itself through exceptional barrier against moisture, alcohol and aromas and flavors.

The unique properties of arbopearl such as glass-like transparency, easy thermoforming, low density, extremely low water absorption allow for a large variety of applications. The legal requirements for compliance with medical and worldwide food regulations and has excellent heat-sealing properties. Further characteristics like blood compatibility, sterilizability and resistance to acids and alkalis suggest utilization for:

Solids like:

  • primary packaging for pharmaceuticals
  • medical and diagnostic articles
  • protective packaging for medical and parmaceutical applications
  • Food packaging
  • Blisters


US-FDA and EU Directives for direct food contact
Regulatory for ensuring that no harmful substances like additives or monomers migrate to packaged foods. 

USA Drug Master und Device Master File
Verifies compliance to specific requirements and biocompatibility of applications which are in direct food contact.


150 – 900 mm
(depending on the thickness)

Core diameter