Are you looking for plastic with special barrier properties?

arbo Plastic AG, a Swiss company, supplies film with top barrier properties to customers all around the world.


If you are searching for packaging solutions that meet highest specifications, you can benefit from decades of experience and expertise that the European market leader arbo Plastic has accumulated. The converter of Anobex / Barex or Topas plastic is your partner where special requirements are demanded in packaging. Thanks to a high percentage of acrilonitrile, Anobex / Barex excels with outstanding barrier properties towards oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, aromas and odors. These special barrier properties in this plastic make it suitable for packaging single portions (veterinary products, detergents, agricultural chemicals, insecticides), oils (technical or high-quality nutritional oil), implants, acrylic glass, chocolate, diagnostic chips  or for preserving ancient scripts. Call us now for more detailed information without any commitment!