Our promise

As the first European manufacturer of AMAB monolayer films, we are specialists in the field of high-quality plastic packaging with barrier properties. We are aware of the requirements of this industry and deliver consistent Swiss quality all over the world. We focus on unique and customer-oriented solutions.

For our customers we develop specific solutions that are adapted to individual needs. We offer Swiss quality at a very good price-performance ratio. Through our uncomplicated and open handling with our customers we offer a secure solution for packaging with AMAB monolayer films. Our thermoformable films have been successfully used for decades by large as well as smaller companies for medical, cosmetic and technical applications as well as for the food industry.

We hold the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate for companies according to the international standard for quality management systems.

«We promise to produce the world's best packaging film for the most delicate products. We do this as a unique company, anchored by decades of experience and always alterable for our customers. arbo Plastic, the first manufacturer in Europe for AMAB monolayer films.»